DISpatches from the Red Planet


Rock & Regolith

SEPT 22 2017 - Why is it called Mars Regolith, instead of Soil? A journey into the etymology of dirt. Read More...



Rock And Regolith

SEPT 22 2017 - Part one of a series on the resources of Mars, with a focus on using what we can find on the surface of Mars to support human exploration - a concept known as In Situ Resource Utilization. Read More...

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The 20th Annual Mars Society Convention

SEPT 20 2017 - The Martian Garden team recently returned from the 20th Annual Mars Society Convention at the University of California - Irvine. We had a blast learning from one of the best space exploration communities in the world! Read More...


The Martian Garden Version 2

SEPT 18 2017 - Thanks to all of you, we've had an amazing first year as a company! We've learned a lot about what we do right and what we do wrong, and we've been slowly but surely using those lessons to build a new web presence for The Martian Garden. Read More...