The Martian Garden

Mars Regolith Simulant and Kits


As Close as you can get to Mars without leaving Earth.

We supply research-grade Mars Regolith Simulant (simulated Martian soil) to educators, researchers, students and hobbyists. Our mission is to help you develop the technology that humanity will need on the Journey to Mars. 



Mojave Mars Simulant is research-grade Mars regolith simulant. Mojave Mars Simulant was developed by NASA and JPL scientists to help test the Mars Phoenix lander, and is still used to develop upcoming Mars missions.

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Learn what it will take to grow plants on Mars with The Martian Garden. Each kit includes Mars regolith simulant, a mini greenhouse, seeds, fertilizer, and everything you need to grow your own edible plants in simulated Mars soil.

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3 Ounces of Mojave Mars Simulant. Just enough to grow a plant, make some Martian cement, create a Mars diorama, design an air filter, or anything else you can imagine! The same research-grade simulant in a smaller package.

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Simulating Mars

No Martian Soil has ever been returned to Earth. Using landers, rovers, and probes, NASA and JPL Scientists have identified sources of Earth material that closely match the surface of Mars. Mojave Mars Simulant is the closest that you can get to Mars without leaving the Earth.



With Mars Orbiters, Landers, and Rovers, NASA and JPL Scientists have explored the surface of Mars. It has a thin atmosphere and a solid, rocky surface.




Using data from probes and landers, scientists characterized the chemical makeup of the Martian soil. They found an iron rich igneous rock, similar to basalt.



Based on data from the surface of Mars,
Earth rocks are found that are a close match to the chemical makeup of the surface of Mars.


Saddleback Basalt - the source material for Mojave Mars Simulant - is crushed to a mixture of fine and coarse sand, matching the physical nature of Mars regolith.


Mojave Mars Simulant

Our Mojave Mars Simulant blend is based on NASA and JPL research and on real data from the Red Planet. Here's how it stacks up against real Mars regolith, as measured by the Pathfinder and Mars Exploration Rover missions.

Use the interactive charts below to compare Mars and our simulant. Tap or Mouseover the chart sections to see the concentration of each component in Mars Regolith and Mojave Mars Simulant. Mars Data is an average based on Pathfinder, Spirit, and Opportunity mission data. 


Mars Regolith

Mojave Mars Simulant


Based on NASA and JPL Research

We exclusively supply Mojave Mars Simulant, designed by NASA and JPL Scientists for the Mars Phoenix mission. Mojave Mars Simulant is currently being used for the development of future Mars missions, including manned exploration.

Our source is the exact same quarry and rock deposits used to produce the JPL's own supply - Saddleback Basalt from ancient volcanoes in the Mojave desert. JPL research was used to develop and refine our simulant.