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The Martian Garden

The Martian Garden supplies Mojave Mars Regolith Simulant and Kits to researchers, and Educators Around The World. Based on NASA and JPL Research, Mojave Mars Simulant is as close as you can get to Mars without leaving the Earth.

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Our simulants, kits, and projects are designed from the ground up to help teachers promote STEM education in their classrooms, because a well-informed and enthusiastic public base of support is the most important element on the Journey to Mars.


Simulating Mars

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No Martian Soil - or "Regolith" - has ever been returned to Earth. In order to help develop missions to Mars, NASA and JPL Scientists have developed simulated Martian soils known as Mars Regolith Simulants.


In 2007, Scientists at the JPL created Mojave Mars Simulant to help develop the Mars Phoenix Lander. Since then, Mojave Mars Simulant (MMS) has been used to develop new Mars missions and simulate the Martian surface in research programs around the world. MMS is also in the classroom, where it's not only empowering students to work with cutting-edge research materials - it's also helping to promote STEM engagement.


At The Martian Garden, we source our material from the exact same source of high-quality iron rich Saddleback Basalt used by the JPL. Whole rocks are crushed, sorted by size, sterilized, and bagged, ready for you when you need to get as close to Mars as you can get without leaving the Earth.


Free Samples of mars regolith simulant

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For the last year, we've been giving away free 100 gram samples of MMS-1 Mojave Mars Simulant to anyone who wants to try their hand at Mars Gardening!

Just click below to sign up for your free sample.