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At The Martian Garden, we believe that engaging students in STEM education is the single most important element on the Journey to Mars. The first human being to walk on Mars is likely in a classroom right now. This means that teachers are on the front line of the final frontier, helping to train the next generation for the greatest adventure in human history.

We're committed to supporting educators in their efforts to promote STEM education.


Educator Discount Program

The Martian Garden is committed to supporting educators around the world in their efforts to promote STEM fields. At this point in humanity's exploration of the cosmos, classroom teachers are the front line on the frontier. That's why we offer extensive discount and donation options for teachers, instructors, students and researchers.

Educator Benefits

We offer several levels of educator support:

Free Simulant for Teachers: Classroom (K-12) educators who need small amounts of simulant to support their projects may qualify for up to twenty pounds at no charge. Note: For educators outside the United States, shipping charges still apply.

Education Discount Program: For larger projects, we offer a robust education discount of up to 50%. The exact discount varies based on the size of the order, number of students, and nature of the organization, so please apply to find out exactly how much of a discount your organization may qualify for.

Research Discount Program: Student researchers working at accredited academic institutions may qualify for discounts of up to 30% to help support their project. Contact us and tell us a bit about your work, and we'll help you determine what works best for you.

Using the Educator Discount Program

After you've applied to the program, we'll get back to you, usually in a few days. We may have some additional questions about your program or project. Once you've been accepted into the Educator Discount Program, we'll set up a permanent coupon code for you to use on our store.

Apply to the Educator Discount Program

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