The Martian Garden Store

Mojave Mars Simulant is research-grade Mars regolith simulant. Mojave Mars Simulant was developed by NASA and JPL scientists to help test the Mars Phoenix lander, and is still used to develop upcoming Mars missions.

Learn what it will take to grow plants on Mars with The Martian Garden. Each kit includes Mars regolith simulant, a mini greenhouse, seeds, fertilizer, and everything you need to grow your own edible plants in simulated Mars soil.

Small samples of Mars Regolith Simulant. Perfect for testing purposes, chemistry projects, art, and gifts. Each sample comes with an information card.


MMS-2 Enhanced Mars Simulant is based on Superfine Grade Mojave Mars Simulant, with chemical additives to create the most accurate Mars simulant ever available commercially - an approximately 93% chemical match to the surface of Mars.